What do you learn in your lessons?

Our teachers make it a priority to get to know you on a personally and make sure we understand your goals and needs. A seven year old having their first guitar lesson will have very different needs than a 65 year old student picking up the guitar again after having had some music instruction as a child or than a complete beginner or a professional seeking a deeper understanding of musical theory, composition or improvisation.

The main reason to have 851 Music Studio as your music lesson provider is that we are sensitive to the fact that every student is an individual.
If you enroll here for lessons, we will work with you to make a plan that will fit your needs and musical preferences.

At your very first lesson your teacher will ask you what is your favorite type of music and set goals to help you accomplish your musical and aspirations or your child’s.

How much do lessons cost?

Cost can vary depending on your specific program options but monthly tuition for weekly lessons is most typically only $180.00 per month and remember, your lessons include materials, computer time, group classes.

How much should I practice?

Our most dedicated students practice many hours daily. Your answer to this question is dependent on your goals. Renowned guitarist Robben Ford was told by a teacher to “just pick up your guitar for 15 minutes every day and you’ll do fine.” Practicing every day is the key along with having an instructor who positively encourages you and helps you stay organized.

What can I hope to accomplish through musical training?

Playing music is a very challenging and gratifying activity. It’s intriguing to know that one is participating in the oldest art. One who seriously involves themselves in musical practice may expect a little more fun in life to say the least. At most, a higher level of consciousness. Who knows where that might lead? Ultimately you can be certain of it being a positive force in your life. Our goal is to have students master the subject.

While many find joy in the solitary practice of music alone or with friends, many go on to perform publicly. Students prepare for college or conservatory and a number have even gone on to find careers in various musical fields. Our instructor training program offers interested advanced students another avenue for experience and opportunity.

Where is the studio?

Please see our directions page.

How do I sign up for online instruction?

Call us directly to apply: 707 747 0851. It’s that simple so long as there is time available. Remember the first lesson is always free so we can see if this modality of instruction will really work for you.

How do I pay online?

If your teacher accepts online payment, on their web page you will find a secure payment button. Just click their name in the Staff link
at the top of this page.

Do jams, classes, performances etc. cost more?

No, most additional group playing opportunities offered have no additional cost. There are occasional classes for which there is a small fee such as certain summer classes and classes open to the public.

What kind of recording is available?

We’re set up mainly for individual singer songwriters but we can effectively record bands for demo and online purposes. Those who are seeking full production and engineering of their recordings are referred to top recording studios here in the Bay Area like: http://www.studiodrecording.com/ and http://www.prairiesun.com/

What’s a good instrument should I buy?

The relationship between a player and his or her instrument is quite intimate. The instrument you pick affects your ability to play and your motivation. We have a keen interest in helping our students find superior instruments at the best price.Check out our personal shopping page.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

Both teacher and student must keep a commitment to scheduled appointments. If something unforeseeable happens, we’ll always try to work with the situation on an individual basis.

Can I take only group classes and not private lessons?

No. We emphasize private instruction. It’s the best fastest way to learn. The regular group instruction we offer is an added benefit for you at no additional charge. In combination, private with group classes adds tremendous value to your learning experience.

How do I go about having a song transcribed?

Bands and individuals seeking accurate notation of specific songs should contact J Shelby for details and pricing. Charts will be accurate and detailed in standard notation and or TAB for guitarists.

What’s the curriculum?

The emphasis is on musical creativity. The California State Department of Education describes levels of proficiency and goals to be accomplished by certain ages and grade levels. We introduce musical skills in order as recommended by the publications from the The National Association for Music Education. Students learn various musical skills, theory and learn to read music in a way that is fun and exciting. Sometimes students seek a particular goal, song or skill, so along with general musicianship lessons focus on your individual needs and interests. That’s the beauty of private one on one instruction.