Innovative music instruction

Singing class starting soon:

Tone Deaf Choir

This class is especially intended for people who, for whatever reason, believe they can’t sing or have a “tin-ear”. It dispels the myth of tone deafness and proves no one is tone deaf. If you’ve always wanted to sing but didn’t think you could, join us!

Tune-up your voice!
Any instrument has to be tuned and your voice is no exception. Vocalists will find new ways to practice and understand music creatively. Instrumentalists will learn to instantly put what they hear in their head out of their instrument.

You’ll have fun exploring sound and music with your voice in a fun and supportive environment.
You’ll leave this class with the tools and knowledge to continue increasing your skill and confidence when you sing.

Tone Deaf Choir meets evenings starting on Monday August 1st, 8pm to 9pm with a final meeting September 26
Space is limited, tuition only $190.00

Find out why we’re the most innovative and well-established music school in the North Bay Area.

Between group and private lessons students receive up to 3 hours per week of instruction at one low tuition.

Patient professional courteous experienced teachers Guitar, Bass, Voice, Piano, Violin, Drums and more
Private and group classes Spacious, well-equipped studio
Discount plans are available Special classes for very young children
All ages taught Music technology
Gift Certificates available. Please call us for more information Beginners and advanced welcome
Students use computers to explore and create with the latest professional softwares.