At one time…

The only music people heard was that which they made themselves. It was their own. It wasn’t bought or sold. And it was normal for everyone to sing and dance and play…

Dedicated teachers.

At 851 Music Studio we have a brilliant and talented staff of devoted full time teachers who’ve spent their lives honing and refining their craft. All our teachers are degreed and/or working professionals. The traditions of music taught are endowed with personal knowledge and many years of experience. We use the most innovative teaching methods in a beautiful environment for learning. It’s a unique spacious facility featuring iMac computers and an array of pop musical instruments. We meet or surpass the State of California’s educational standards.

According to the state’s web site, entertainment is one of the largest economic sectors in California. Yet, how often do we hear about another school district is cutting their art or music program? Were here to support our community’s interest in music education and performance. Our affiliation to Red Dragonfly Productions provides a means for aspiring performers to have access to the business side of music in a unique way. 851 Music Studio hosts free concerts and clinics for students as well as jams and other group playing opportunities.

All music instruction is not the same.

The musical journey takes many paths. Some may aspire to professional performance while others simply seek the joy of creating and having music in their lives. What ever the style, young or old, novice or returning, 851 is a place where people of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

The new learning paradigm is aggressive, pro-active learning. For students to be really successful they have to love the subject, feel successful, and have all the tools and information.

Unleash your potential!

Once you grasp musical basics you freely explore and your natural musical creativity drives your lessons. The emphasis is on accelerated learning and getting students playing and having fun.

Personalized instruction is available for Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Bass, Saxophone, Drums, Banjo, Mandolin and Harp. We feature a vast resource of local and nationally renowned musician’s who teach virtually all instruments including the rare and unusual. We also feature a huge and growing library of written and multimedia instructional literature and music for students to explore.

Students are encouraged to use our in-house computers to add unlimited possibilities through technology to support your musical training. You’ll learn and use music software to round out you’re general knowledge, train your ear, and create your own projects in composition and recording and, through live playing, apply your learned skills with music you create.

Lessons are conveniently scheduled from 9am till 9pm daily. You may participate at your own level of interest and commitment.

We always arrange a complimentary first appointment

This is our way of providing you an opportunity to come down and see our facility first hand. You might even see some students doing activities you’ll be involved in yourself. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity meet with an instructor and evaluate all the possibilities for your own instruction.

We are dedicated to developing each and every student to his or her maximum potential.

Our commitment is to help you improve your musicianship whatever level of performance you intend to achieve.

We invite you to explore the next step in your musical dream.