Aina Davis teaches violin at 851 Music Studio in Benicia, CA
Aina is a long time teacher in the Bay Area and an accomplished violinist.

She began her violin training in the strict Russian school of violin in the former Soviet Union at the age of six. She is currently with the Vallejo Symphony and teaches some of the best local violin students in the area. Several of her students have won concerto competitions and been featured as soloists for the Walnut Creek and Berkeley Youth Orchestras.

Aina’s background includes 12 years at Glier’s Music School and 5 years at Tashkent State Conservatory in Uzbekistan. During that time she played for Tashkent Television and Radio Orchestra of Chamber Music as well as First Violin Player for the State Symphony Orchestra of Theater, Opera and Ballet.

Shortly after arriving in the United States she joined the Vallejo Symphony Orchestra and has continued from 1997 to the present. Aina makes her home with her husband and children in Vallejo California.

Aina demands a lot from her students and those who are committed develop to high levels of performance. She commands their respect and admiration.

Through many years of personal study, performance and teaching Aina has acquired the magical ability to inspire hard work yet still keep and air of fun in the lesson room. She has well formed ideas about excellence and it shows in the playing of her students.